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Walter Schwabe, Founder, President and Chief Evolution Officer of fusedlogic inc. works hard to provide you the audience with as much value as possible in each episode. Business owners of all types will find key information about digital marketing, innovation, technology break throughs and more. Visit for more information. @fusedlogic
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Feb 18, 2017

Is it the end of business as we know it and what is the future of businesses?

On this episode of the fusedlogic podcast we talk to digital analyst, speaker, and author Brian Solis.  Not only is he a successful entrepreneur, he has written some great pieces. His most recent book, "X: The Experience When Business Meets Design," digs deep into customer experiences and brands.

We talk about his book and Brian himself, the serial entrepreneur. What got him interested in taking his business to the direction that he did and what was his drive behind it all? How does he lay out strategies so that businesses can perform better and become successful?

We also talk about the digital world and the future of businesses. Brian talks about the community of change and innovation, especially when it comes to customer experiences. In the digital, technological and business world we must adapt to customer change. 




Feb 2, 2017

Joining us on the fusedlogic podcast is comedian and actor Ron Pederson, award winning Canadian actor. Throughout his career he has been on

Ron has lived in Los Angeles and Toronto but has close roots to his hometown in Edmonton, AB and the creative aspect that comes with the city. We talk about growing up here in the city.

We ask him about the toughest things about his job, and also how his childhood helped him grow into the roles he is in today.